English 5ABC

Datum 22.9.2022
English 5ABC

Aim: I can name and locate ten countries.
I can ask and answer where people, animals and things are from.

Aim: I can talk about the Fennessy family and giraffes in Namibia.
I can use possessive adjectives while talking about different families.

Hello kids!

Now we are studying Unit 1 Around the world. Student's book pp. 9-13 and Workbook pp. 8-11.

We talked about different countries, cities, and languages. We are going to read about the Fennessy family and giraffes in Namibia and also discuss different families.


 Grammar: Possesive Adjectives= Přivlastňovací zájmena

Practice and play= Procvičuj si a zahraj si na: bamboozle

Have a nice week,

Your teacher Svetlana