English IVB S2/ IVC S1

Datum 3.12.2022
English IVB S2/ IVC S1

Aim: I can talk about the daily routine of astronauts.
Cíl: Umím mluvit o každodenní rutině astronautů.

Cíl: Přečtu si knihu My Day a porovnám, co dělají děti a co dělají zvířata v průběhu dne.
Aim: I will read the book My Day and compare what children and animals do during the day.

Hello kids!

What did we do?

  • Reading: A day in the space station. (Student's book p. 88-89).
  • Student's book p.89 Ex.5 Talk about your day. How it's similar to an astronaut's day? How it's different?
  • Have a look at video1   and  video 2 of what it's like to brush your teeth/prepare and eat food/ sleep 
  • Project: Write about your favourite day
  • We practised asking and answering questions starting with WHEN, WHAT TIME and HOW OFTEN 
  • Read a book My day

Let's play some games!

https://kahoot.it/challenge/My day


word order


Workbook pp. 54-65

Online Practice https://learn.eltngl.com/


Don't forget to be awesome!

Your teacher Svetlana